The Dominion Post publishes a letter to the editor from Jason Paul Troup which raises issues concerning the current New Zealand Flag and its visual links to the coalition of countries that have invaded Iraq, read letter by clicking here.
Ownership of FlagNZ design is transferred to the Troup Trust for safe keeping and greater further promotion. Sole liscencing will be handled by HBTV. Limited with responsability of continuing the cause.
FlagNZ made an epic voyage down to the frozen continent of Antactica as part of the FlagNZ global Tour. Mike Milne, major believer in FlagNZ cause, accompanied the design on this leg of the journey. This proves that FlagNZ is slowley but surely reaching the furthest corners of this planet, we thank you Mike, the free FlagNZ sticker is in the post.

FlagVan Sold! after 4 years of loyal service the FlagNZ team retired from duty the much loved FlagVan. A very sad day as the flag van had served the cause of promoting the design to the fullest. Its most famous appearence being photographed in front of the parliamentary buildings on the trip to visit Helen Clarke.

Proceeds from the sale have gone towards the much awaited second order of Flags. There are plans for another promotional vehicle in the future as we need to put a home for our FlagNZ personalised plates. Keep a look out.

FlagNZ appears in 'Quest' magazine, an alternative lifestyle mag. Editor Patrick Sherratt included a feature article outlining the basic philosophy of FlagNZ.

Quest is a great read, pick one up by emailing quest.foundation@clear.net.nz
FlagNZ appears in Te Uku Gallery, run by V & N Van Der Voorden, becomes stockists of FlagNZ Merchandise. If you're heading to Raglan make sure you call in and check out this awesome gallery.
FlagNZ featured in Wellington based student magazine 'Lucid' in the August 2002 edition. The article by Bevan Marten, named Slicing Heaven, raises issues about a potential constitutional overhaul and what the future may hold for Aotearoa, New Zealand. For more information go to www.lucid.net.nz .

Thanks Lucid and Bevan.
FlagNZ leaves New Zealand on the first leg of the Global Tour. Plans include visits to famous cities in Europe, such as London, Rome and Warsaw. Also stop offs in Asian countries such as China, Lao and Tailand. Click here for photos.
FlagNZ appears on the front page of the Hawkes Bay Today , newspaper. Sent off a flag which will appear on the Good Morning Television show tommorrow.
Had the honour to meet and present FlagNZ to Prime Minister Helen Clark in her Beehive office. Helen said even though the government had no plans to persue a new national flag she thought that this design was very attractive. Also had great national radio coverage and of course FlagNZ flew officially for the first time from a local government building in Hastings.
   New Zealand - UK. newspaper prints an article about how the flag comes about an why, which has a circulation of around 50, 000 within the UK, read article here. great feedback can be seen in the guestbook, read more here
To celebrate the 1000th visitor to our website we decided to refresh your visit and brighten things up round here. All things are go for the flag and anticipating a great meeting with the Prime Minster on Wednsday. Read more about the meeting here...

Meet the president of the East Coast R.S.A, Mr Peakock in Waipakarau. Discussed the RSA's point of view and presented my own. Very nice bloke who listened well and agreed to help me organise a presentation of FlagNZ to the national body of the RSA in August in Wellington this year.
     Mr Andrew Livingston owner of Hawkes Bay's Early Morning Balloons has offered to sponser FlagNZ by allowing the placing of a huge flag on his hot-air balloon. Hawkes Bay residents should be waking up to the sight of FlagNZ flying higher than ever before.
      Recieved word that my FlagNZ presentation to Helen Clark (Prime Minister) will no longer take place on the steps of Parliament but in the warmth of her office. ;-)