To The Queen of England




Hello,my name is Jason Paul Troup and I am writing to you from my home town of Hastings ,New Zealand. I am 26 years old and along with my wife Beata, we operate backpackers accommodation within the centre of my city.


I am writing this letter in the hope that you might be able to help our country of New Zealand reach a healthier and more harmonious future buy providing a letter of comment or support concerning the changing of the national flag.


As you are aware NZ currently still uses the colonial flag given to these islands whilst it was still a colony of the British empire, the design is very similar to the Australian national flag given for the same reasons .As you yourself are aware, all things must evolve for reasons of health,survival and for necessity.Symbols of a country and it's people also have to abide by these same rules for if they don't they then run the risk of being seen in the opposite light, not only by that nation's people but from the rest of the world.


This is true for the current national flag of New Zealand .This flag was used in the beginning as a the national flag for the then people as they were then born British,with British passports.We for the last 54 for years have been born New Zealander (myself included) yet for this time we have not had our own flag but have a flag that was given to a people Knowlonger born in this country.


Within your own Nation  the UK ,we see that each part of it has it's own flag,and this flag says that they know who they are today and who they are tomorrow and this is what we are ,yet the New Zealand flag only says what the country was and who some of the people were in the past.My country needs more if it is to forge ahead and to have a positive future.I don't wont to see this country follow the same path as some of our pacific neighbors of late.


This I must say is in no means a push by me in the direction of republicanism as I see that unlike the old days, Kings and Queens like yourself are no longer the cause of conflicts ,but these are only the consequences of elected power seeking personalities.


And so I am asking you to show the country and her people that you are officially head of ,that you care for it's future and that you and the monarchy are something that is alive and well ,aswell as thoughtful toward those that it still represents.For those that give they recieveth back.


We also hear that you maybe visiting our shore this year, we wish you all the best on this visit and hope that while here , you will be able to observe some of the reseasoning behind mine and many other peoples effort and the thoughts behind this letter.


I thank you very much for this chance to express the hope of the new Zealand people.

Yours sincerely, Jason Paul Troup.







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Hastings ,Hawkes Bay

New Zealand

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