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Dear Mr. Hawkins††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 20 MARCH 2002


RE. An Evolution of the New Zealand National flag.


As Minister of Internal Affairs, I believe that you are responsible for all matters and issues concerning our National Flag. The National flag is of great importance to our country as it is a very visible symbol that is seen and recognised by all other countries, and as such it should correctly reflect the image and make up of the country it is representing. With that in mind I started out a few years a go to fulfill that very statement, as I along with many of my fellow New Zealander's believe that the flag design that we currently have is no long a true reflection of the country we all live in today.


Over those last 3-4 year I have been in contact with many community and national leaders with whom I have discussed the issue of evolving our Nationís flag design so that we will have a flag designed by New Zealanderís for New Zealanderís instead of the one we currently have which was designed by the British for a British colony. It was a hundred years ago that the current flag was introduced, but as of 1947 the people living in the Dominion of New Zealand became New Zealand citizen, able to travel and to obtain a New Zealand passport. That year we became an independent country, but for reasons of trade and security I can only assume, we did not change the colonial styled flag.


Last year I wrote to the Queen of New Zealand in London to ask her to comment on this issue, I received back a statement dated 28th March stating that the letter was to be pass on to the Governor -General to consider.Three weeks later Dame Silvia Cartwright replied through her secretary"it would not be appropriate for her, as Governor-General, to become involved in a debate on the Question of changing the flag". So after being passed from the Queen to the Governor-General, it appears that I am now being passed on to you.


I have included in this letter information on FLAGNZ -Flag of New Zealand designs, explanations etc, as well as copies of letters that I have received from the above parties. You are also able to see more by visiting the FLAGNZ website at www.hbtv.co.nz/flagnz.


As a country I think that it is of most importance that not only when others look at our country, but when we look at ourselves, we see a country that is honest to itself and it's people and will makes decision on merit and not because of past association or historic ties. Having another countryís National flag on our national flag is not acceptable for a free and independent people. Until the day our national symbol totally belongs to us the citizen of New Zealand and not partly to some other nation, I feel we will not forge ahead together as a nation.


I would like to ask you to reply with your thoughtís on this issue, both personally, and as the Minister of the Crown. To comment on whether the government, if re-elected, could be raising this issue in next term and by doing so giving people the choice to redefine their own identity. And any help or guidance on the pursuit of this goal would be much welcomed by the FLAGNZ Team here in Hastings.


After meeting Prime Minister Helen Clark in June 2000, I came away optimistic that we have the will and the want to be seen first and for most as New Zealanders, and this Iím sure must lead to the evolution of our national flag.


I will await your reply with much anticipation.








Jason Paul Troup