WE here at FLAGNZ headquarters would like to express our congratulation to you for your success in securing a position of great importance in this country.

We all agree that Auckland is in much need of a person of your leadership skills to bring about the changes that need to take Auckland City and our country forward in this new century.


        In much the same way the FLAGNZ team feel we are fighting a similar battle in our quest to see our National flag evolve, as all things must do if they are to remain relevant for the people of the time.


       We respect your well-known royalist views as these can only add weight to the discussions that build around this topic of national interest. We here at FLAGNZ headquarters were greatly pleased when in the middle of 2000, the time of my presentation of the FLAGNZ design to the PM Helen Clark, You acknowledge that you thought that “a new national flag was inevitable” and that it would likely happen “within the next ten years”. This type of opinion is very prevalent out in the communities, and you would I’m sure hear this if you were to ask your Auckland constituency.


      The FLAGNZ team sees the Auckland populace as being strategically important. This is not only because of the populations’ size but also because of its cultural diversity and it’s dominance as the commercial and business heart of New Zealand. These are the types of people that are shaping the future of our country not only financially but through their strong wantonness to be fairly treated and represented by the country we call “GODZONE”. We here at FLAGNZ see you as their leading light.


      We would there fore like to ask you as the leading light in Auckland whether you would instigate the first steps that would path the way for FLAGNZ to be flown from the highly visible structure that is the Harbour Bridge. To see FLAGNZ, the flag for a New Zealanders, flying high above one of Auckland’s greatest landmark would be a giant step long the path that will see FLAGNZ become a Kiwi Icon and patriotic symbol for furture New Zealander to Rally behind. And You Mr. Banks can be the one that can take FLAGNZ to that next level.


      Once again we wish you all the best for your following years as Auckland’s Mayor, and we will optimistically await your reply.


With Regards,


Jason Paul Troup.


Chief Designer. 


PS. We hope that the FLAGNZ bumper sticker that we have included in this letter can find it’s way on to the rear of the mayoral car.


114 Heretaunga Street East


Phone/Fax 06 8784363