Dump the Privy Council
When I, a New Zealand citizen, enter Britain via Heathrow or Gatwick airports, I face a usual 60 to 90-minute wait in the immigration queue made up of Poles, Latvians, Iranians, Senegalese, Australians and other aliens. My wife, holding a British passport, sallies forth with no delay alongside Germans, Dutch, French and other European Union passport- holders.
††††††††††† There is no such thing as priority for citizens of so-called Commonwealth countries, so why should I and fellow New Zealanders be dictated to in legal terms by the British and Commonwealth woofs who make up the Privy Council, a body of officials originally appointed by the English sovereign to carry on the everyday government of that land.

††††††††††† If your country hasnít matured enough in 161 years to administer itís own justice, even if based on English precedents, then God defend New Zealand.