Once again the debate surrounding the current crisis in Iraq and the different stances taken by individual Nations has blatantly demonstrated why it increasingly important that our country finds the courage to evolve and adopt a new National Flag. It is no longer acceptable that New Zealanders as a Free and independent people have to endure a National flag with another Nations flag displayed on it, not to mention the similarity it has to the flag of our nearest neightbour. If the UK, US and Australia attack Iraq, whether with or with out UN approval, I for one will feel very uncomfortable travelling around my favorite Backpackers destinations with a NZ Flag on my backpack with it's Union Jack sewn into it's corner. I say our leaders failed us in 1947 when NZ formally gained it's independence from Britain, Lets hope today's leaders will seize the day and take this positive step forward so that we as New Zealanders will be judged by our own decisions and not tainted by association or confusion with others..


Concerned traveller - Proud New Zealander

Jason Paul Troup