Welcome to the home of our proposed new - New Zealand Flag. The idea is to promote and encourage the urge to bring about a change to New Zealand's present flag which is not a true representation of New Zealand and it's people today.

FLAGNZ-KIWIFLAG is now officially an "Unofficial Front Runner" in the design quest for an updated kiwi national flag! This is after it appeared on TV One's Sunday program. 16 October 2004.

With growing interest within New Zealand for a change of our National flag,
we at FlagNZ have now decided that the time is right for an update .So from
now forward FLAG NEW ZEALAND will remain as the designs official title, with KIWIFLAG being used as it's adopted Street / Common name.
We feel having both of these names will help capture a greater audience out
in the NZ and in the Global community.

Also, KIWIFLAG made an appearence at the Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix '04 and could be seen around the track throughout the whole weekend. Waved Proudly by yours truely. This followed the KIWIFLAG European and Pacific Leg of the global tour. click here to see photos

Also KIWIFLAG t-shirts can now be purchased by clicking here.

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What do the colours represent?

Gold stars: stars represent the Southern Cross by which our ancestors did navigate, gold represents the wealth of the many cultures of New Zealand.

Blue Sky: traditional blue (current flag) of the sky fought under by past and present generations for the rights and freedom of all the people of New Zealand and the world. Rangi nui (sky father)

White cloud and Koru: New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud, represents the spirit of the New Zeland poeple, the union of Rangi and Papa. Koru represents the unfolding of new life, hope for the future and the process of renewal.

Green earth: green represents the colour of pounamu (greenstone) which in turn symbolises strength and honour. Land represents New Zealand's contours and landscape (plains and mountains). Papa tu a nuku, (earth mother).
The design and development of KIWIFLAG has arisen from the need to evolve the present day national flag into a symbol that acknowledges the CULTURAL DIVERSITY and the growing INDIVIDUALITY of the good people of NEW ZEALAND.

" The New Zealand Flag should represent all New Zealanders, whether they're born here or immigrated."

-March 2000

"For all those Kiwi's out there who strive to live in a country of equality, respect and harmony, KIWIFLAG symbolizes the path that must be followed if we are to achieve this goal."

Jason Paul Troup (designer and promoter) Started working on his designin 1998 after seeing an article in an ex pat newspaper (New Zealand U.K. News), which featured an article on the idea of having the silver fern on black as our new national flag. "I thought fine, for on the sporting field, but there is more to New Zealand than sports, besides it would look a lot like the scull and crossbones." So he sat down and started to draw. Since then Mr Troup has been developing and testing reactions to his design.